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ATD Manufacturing Technologies (ATD) is a group founded out of three companies. It has its roots in Advanced Mold Design Technologies building plastic injection molds since 1998. In 2006, American Tools and Dies was created, specializing in metal stamping dies, jigs and fixtures. By 2009, the group was joined by Kahnawake Machining Technologies, specialized in machining, welding and fabrication.

Today, the tight knit team of ATD brings all its acquired knowledge and added plastic production capabilities to better serve you, our most important partners. We pride ourselves of our aboriginal heritage and make sure that you can benefit from our elevated sense of cultural values and ethics.

ATD’s Mission

American Tool and Die (ATD)’s mission is to provide highly specialized manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers. Your specialty is your product. Our expertise is to make it.

ATD’s Vision

ATD’s vision is to be the leaders of high technological manufacturing solutions. Every day we drive ourselves to learn new ways to provide you cutting edge solutions for your benefit.
The values of our cultural heritage and business dedication.

Reliability: To act reliably in decisions, commitments and service.
Quality: To maintain quality in products, workmanship and relationships.
Respect: To demonstrate respect towards customers, the team and the environment.
Integrity: To strive to do what we can, to the best of our abilities, in the best interest of our clientel.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ATD believes in a sustainable business and a socially responsible environment. Our culture dictates our responsibility towards our impact on the environment. We believe our land is only lent to us to take care off and to be left in a better state when we pass it on to future generations. In this manner we emphasise reducing, reusing and recycling.

Being conscious of the gift of creating our workmanship in a positive economic context, we oblige ourselves to give back to the community in employment, training and volunteer work. Every year, our organization participates in fundraising for cancer research and aboriginal education incentives. We created the ATD Group Education Bursary because it is our belief that the pursuit of happiness and community development is a trail travelled through education.